FN 3.1 VIO Sorbet XP Orange Jump Up 0001
Purple, orange, and green live in harmony on ‘Sorbet Orange Jump Up’

This charming Blue Ribbon Viola has eye-popping flowers of bright orange and deep purple set against a backdrop of verdant foliage. It all adds up to a triad of colors—violet, orange, and green—that are evenly spaced on the color wheel. When that happens the result is a spirited harmony we can use to liven up combinations and infuse the garden with energy.

FN 3.2 viola cornuta sorbet orange duet6 copy
Violas deliver the Pansy look in a smaller, cuter package

Violas are great when you want the Pansy look in a cuter package. Plus they bloom earlier than Pansies, handle the hard weather better, and deliver a lush carpet of color when planted en masse.