Lobularia SnowPrincess
Lobularia ‘Snow Princess’

Our Blue Ribbon Lobularia is Alyssum with vigor. Lobularia used to be grouped with Alyssum into the same genus. It’s only in the past few years that this plant has broken out into its own genus of five species.

Now, Alyssum has a reputation and it always brings a certain image to mind. As a result, Lobularia breeders don’t even want to be mentioned in the same sentence with Alyssum. Their point is well taken—some significant differences exist between Lobularia and Alyssum:

• Lobularia grows larger.
• Lobularia is more drought-tolerant.
• Lobularia is more heat-resistant.

Alyssum, however, does come in more colors.

Compared to Allysum, Lobularia is like an athlete on steroids—the florets are larger, though the plants have the same strap-like leaf. Flowers cluster together, but some Lobularia varieties mound into domes while others are more pendulous and drape over the edges of beds and containers. Also, Lobularia is mildly scented. Usually when plants are bred intensively they lose their fragrance, but with Lobularia this has not been the case.

Lobularia SnowPrincess2
‘Snow Princess’ is one of the biggest and bushiest selections

Lobularia works better in scale with more background plants because it is larger. Regular Alyssum can be so short—3 to 6 inches—that the plants can become lost. Lobularia grows from 6 to 12 inches, depending on the series, so it creates a more substantial presence in the garden.

With all this praise for Lobularia why would anyone want an Alyssum? That’s simple—wherever a very small element is needed. In the front border or among a rockery, for example, Alyssum works better. Also, Lobularia only comes in white and lavender so far, while Alyssum has expanded its range of pastel colors.

‘Blue Ribbon Snow Princess’

‘Snow Princess’, a white variety, was one of the first Lobularias on the market. Offered by Proven Winners, it is also one of the biggest and bushiest selections. This Lobularia can reach 9 to 12 inches tall.

If you are an avid designer consider adding Lobularia to your go-to lineup of useful plants. It softens the edges of the garden canvas and underscores the dramatic material growing above it.