Fn 3.1 PAN Pink Shades 0001
‘Delta Pink Shades’

Lately we’ve noticed a rise in popularity of pink-colored plants for early spring so we’ve added some pink Blue Ribbon varieties to our collection. ‘Delta Pink Shades’ is a great Pansy mix full of light to dark pink shades with dark blotches—these look great in beds or containers. Pansies are go-to plants for seasonal displays and this mix offers an appealing blend of colors in a quality plant.

Notice all the large, upward facing blooms—they make a big impression in an early spring combo. Delta Pansies flower up earlier than other series and are extremely uniform so we can rely on them for all our garden designs. After severe weather they bounce right back, and they tolerate both heat and cold. We’re often able to overwinter them.

Versatile Pansies go anywhere we need them: pots, beds, edging. We keep them close at hand as we head into early spring. Their cheery faces make a welcome sight after a long cold winter.