FN 2.4 VIO Endurio Blue Yellow Purple Wing 0001
Classic blue and yellow is always in demand

Here’s a pretty Blue Ribbon Viola with a distinctive trailing habit. Classic blue and yellow come together in an elegant, refined manner on ‘Endurio Blue Yellow with Purple Wing’. Notice the subtle shades of blue and gentle overtones of yellow—the purple streaks add just the right touch of drama.

FN 2.3 VIO Endurio Blue Yellow w Purple Wing 0001 copy
Lush color coverage on a par with ‘Sorbet XP Yellow’

Plants in the Endurio series are vigorous and low growing, filling in hanging baskets and garden beds faster than other violas. They start flowering early and keep the blooms coming all season. Plus Endurios are day neutral, so even as the days get shorter come fall, they’ll still be putting on a great show of color. If the winter is mild enough, they’ll last even through a light covering of snow.

We like to use Violas en masse for an effective presentation of color. This variety also looks especially nice trailing out of hanging baskets and mixed containers.