FN 2.1 6016 begonia canary wings
Red blooms pop against a chartreuse background

We have a fresh take on Winged Begonias in our new ‘Blue Ribbon Canary Wings’: ruby red blooms pop against a background of bright chartreuse foliage. Leaves emerge yellow and gradually change to chartreuse as the season progresses—if you turn them over you’ll see pink marbling on the undersides.

‘Canary Wings’ is similar to the Dragon Wing type, forming a spreading mound of foliage and cranking out an abundance of blooms all summer. Unlike the Dragon Wing, however, it cannot tolerate a whole day of full sun so we use this plant in part sun to shade areas.

FN 2.2 BEG Canary Wings 0002
A spreading mound of foliage with abundant blooms all summer

Other than that ‘Canary Wings’ can go pretty much anywhere. With a spread of about 12–18 inches it works nicely as a bedding plant or in containers. This is a great choice for window boxes since hummingbirds buzz by frequently.