ANT Snapshot Sunset 0001
Bicolor Snapdragon ‘Snapshot Sunset’

We grow a mix of Blue Ribbon Snapshot Snapdragons for autumn color. They grow quickly for the season and last well into the cool days. Snapdragons can be planted among both Pansies and Mums for added interest—their colors match up well with both crops. Our bicolor ‘Snapshot Sunset’ is a particular favorite: warm gold and yellow flowers are brushed with red and magenta.

Snapshots are short Snapdragons so they go into the front of the garden, along walkways or borders, or in short mixed containers like autumn window boxes, deck railing planters, or those fiber-lined wrought iron planters you sometimes see. They grow about six to ten inches in height, a short version of the standard Snapdragon. We say short because the blooms are still big, just not stretched out; the bottoms, where the spikes emerge, are bushier to compensate.

ANT Snapshot Sunset 0002
Plant Snapshots close together—they grow up rather than out

It’s best to plant Snapshots close together—about six inches apart—because they like to grow up rather than out. They bloom well in both sun and partial shade, which makes them versatile for general garden work. They’re also fairly standard in their soil, food, and water needs. An interesting pollinator note: Snapdragons require a heavier body to wriggle into that snout, so they tend to attract bumblebees.