BRA Destiny 01
Broccoli ‘Destiny’

Even though it’s hot in August it’s time to think about cool-weather veggies. They need to go in now to mature into harvestable autumn crops, so it’s best to use cold-hardy Blue Ribbon cultivars that are also heat tolerant. Identifying these traits is part of the work we do when we curate our Autumn Edibles varieties. We know these plants must endure some heat before they get to the comfortable weather, so our list is composed of good-tasting varieties that work the best for autumn harvest.

We have a fine selection across a broad range of popular vegetable plants. Here are a few of our favorites:

Broccoli ‘Destiny’ is a shorter variety originally bred for Southern gardens, so it’s right at home starting a fall vegetable garden in Cincinnati. It handles the early heat better and produces small to medium-sized beads on the heads.

BRA Self Blanche 01
Heirloom Cauliflower ‘Self Blanche’

Cauliflower ‘Self Blanche’ is an heirloom selection. You’ll notice that the leaves curl upward to wrap around the head, protecting it from the sun. We’ve been seeing Buffalo Cauliflower on menus lately as a hot wings alternative.

BRA Blue Curled Vates 01
Kale ‘Blue Curled Vates’—it looks good and it’s good for you

Kale ‘Blue Curled Vates’ is aptly named, with finely curled blue-green leaves that form low, compact plants. Eat more Kale—it’s a superfood for Pete’s sake, packed with vitamins and iron. Then you can sneak in the real deal Buffalo Wings with blue cheese.