White: Point–Counterpoint

PAN Delta Premium Pure White 0001
Pansy ‘Delta Premium Pure White’ has a very clear color

White Pansies

White has been experiencing a resurgence in popularity lately so it’s important to note our best selling Blue Ribbon White Pansies: ‘Delta Premium Pure White’ and ‘Cool Wave White’. We have a strong commitment to offering white material regardless of whether it’s trendy or not, and these two varieties are favorites of ours because of their pure, clean color.

Very few Pansies actually qualify as White in our book. Blooms are classified into other categories the moment they get a hint of color. An example of this would be the beautiful blue-tinted ‘Cool Wave Frost’.

PAN Cool Wave White 0001
Pansy ‘Cool Wave White’ has smaller blooms but more of them

Even so, there are times when pure white is the color of choice and on those occasions we turn to our top two. Perhaps we need a neutral Pansy to act as a dividing line in the landscape, or to serve as a background for other bright varieties. On the other hand, we could be going for the modern, sophisticated look of a monochromatic display, comprised simply of White Pansies set against an assortment of gray-green foliage. Elegant.

STO Vintage Mix 0001
Stock Vintage Mix has thick flowers

Early Stock: A Vibrant Counterpoint to White

There are two sides to every story. Colorful Stock flowers provide a vibrant counterpoint to Alyssum, Lobularia, and the many white offerings on the menu for early spring—including white Pansies. Though some consider Stock old-fashioned we think these blooms are timeless.

With a spicy-sweet fragrance and a range of bright colors Stock shakes up what can be a stark cool weather garden. This is a plant to keep in mind for when the nights are still a bit chilly—it blooms specifically when temps are lower than the mid 60s and can even tolerate a light frost.

STO Vintage Mix 0004
A good choice for vibrant early spring baskets

Our Blue Ribbon Vintage Mix includes Copper, Lilac, Red, White, Burgundy, Lavender, Peach, Rose, and Yellow. This is a dwarf series that remains compact and low. Plants grow to around 15–20 inches, with an abundance of double flowers on sturdy, upright stems.

Stock is easy to grow. It thrives in full sun but can handle light shade, and prefers soil that is moist to slightly dry. In addition to beds and borders, Vintage Mix is a nice size for a window box—which would also get it up close for frequent whiffs of the fragrant flowers. These blooms are popular for cutting to create aromatic indoor arrangements.

STO Vintage Mix 0002