Winter White

FN 1.2 Whitestar

White is a beautiful color for poinsettias—it’s the second most popular shade after red. Classic white puts on a festive show alone or as a stylish neutral complement to our wide range of red, pink, burgundy, and art-style varieties.

FN 1.1 Wk42 1 2012
Big bracts with clean edges

Now you know we take pride in the quality of our poinsettias—we grow them to have big bracts, thick stems, and clean edges. To produce a top-notch plant we have to start with a premium cultivar, so our white of choice is ‘Blue Ribbon Whitestar’—it hits all the marks.

FN 1.4 DETA 8
Creamy white with no halo

Poinsettias are all about the show and ‘Whitestar’ has very large showy bracts. They’re creamy white with no halo and no whitish edges; this is one of the cleanest whites available.

You’ll notice that the bracts are held flat across the top for a lush, full canopy. ‘Whitestar’ has great branching, and we like the contrast of the elegant winter white against the light, bright green of the leaves.

FN 1.3 poinsettia white web 1
A touch of refinement for formal displays

For formal dining tables or contemporary décor, distinguished white poinsettias are especially appropriate. They blend easily into combinations and evergreen arrangements, adding a touch of refinement while still keeping step with the jubilant nature of the season.