Lobelia ‘Early Springs Magenta’

FN 3.1 LOB Early Springs Magenta 0001
When you’ve got the blues—add Magenta!

Wow. Blue Ribbon Lobelia is our go-to for a true blue, so you could probably call this new shade from the Early Springs series a true Magenta. It fits right in with our current Early Springs selections—the colors in this series are evenly matched, so they come together easily for showy all-lobelia displays. We find that Magenta makes Dark Blue and Sky Blue pop—or vice versa.

FN 3.2 LOB Early Springs Magenta 0002 copy
Lots of blooms to pair with other Early Springs selections

Early Springs has been bred for improved heat tolerance. We’ve gotten an abundance of flowers from early spring all the way into the warmer days of early summer in full sun, so we’ve been happy with this series. Since these plants have an upright, compact nature they behave nicely in smaller containers and combos.

Look for our other Early Springs selections—Dark Blue, Sky Blue, and White—in addition to the brilliant Magenta.