Sunfinity™ Sunflowers

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Sunfinity™ sunflowers make the garden come to life

Rise and shine—a stand of these bright yellow blooms makes the garden come to life and puts a spring in the step of anyone who passes by them. If you’re looking for a sunflower with more blooms, multiple branches, and a nonstop show that lasts all season long, Blue Ribbon Sunfinity™ is the way to go. You can expect an average of 50 blooms per plant from late spring through late summer or early fall on this vigorous new cultivar from Syngenta.

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Multiple stems and lots of season-long blooms

Sunfinity™ has been in development for nearly a decade. Breeders were determined to provide home gardeners with a more colorful, longer-lasting sunflower and they’ve succeeded. This variety was bred to have many stems and an abundance of season-long blooms—it keeps growing outdoors long after traditional single-stem sunflowers have bloomed and died. We’re talking about 9–12 weeks as opposed to the usual 3–4 weeks, plus Sunfinity™ blooms the entire time while traditional sunflowers only do so for half their lifespan.

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Glowing petals surround a finely detailed disk

These plants are fast growers, reaching about 3–4 feet tall and 2–3 feet wide. While their size is impressive, the beauty is in the details here—look closely and you’ll notice the vibrant glow of the petals as well as the intricate texture of the flower disk. They make great mess-free cut flowers to brighten an indoor display, while outdoors the plants just keep blooming and blooming. Flowers last for seven days or more in a vase.

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Add vertical interest to sunny beds

We find Sunfinity™ very easy to grow in a bright, sunny location. It needs to be watered often to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Make sure to dampen the entire root area both in beds and in containers. Deadheading is not required but if you decide to pinch off old blooms you’ll encourage more new flowers.

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Pair with Butterfly pentas for a colorful summer combo

To add vertical interest, plant these stately sunflowers at the back of the border or use them to create a hedge. We also set them in patio pots and larger planters where their ample size generously fills the space. For a summer combo we add colorful calibrachoa or Butterfly pentas, and finish with some elegant ‘Marguerite’ ipomoea trailing out around the edges.

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Beautiful and pollinator-friendly

Now these plants produce very little pollen and very few seeds, but bees, birds, and butterflies are still attracted to the brilliant yellow flowers and abundant nectar. Go ahead and take a moment to add Sunfinity™ to your ever-expanding list of pollinator-friendly varieties.