Two Yellow Lantanas

LAN Landmark Gold
Lantana ‘Landmark Gold’

We sell two solid yellow Blue Ribbon Lantanas and they are both popular: ‘Landmark Yellow’ and ‘Landmark Gold’.

‘Landmark Yellow’ is a buttery yellow that gets paler toward the edges when the flower is young. It’s a lighter and more delicate look. By contrast, ‘Landmark Gold’ is a deeper yellow that trends more toward butterscotch. It starts off a heavy yellow and deepens slightly as the flower ages.

LAN Landmark Yellow
Lantana ‘Landmark Yellow’

Yellow is a very important color for many reasons, and Lantana is a great way to deliver that yellow in the summer. Lantana is our workhorse for low, shrubby color—it continues to produce during the hot summer months because it loves all the heat and sunshine. Plus it handles a wide range of soils without complaint, including difficult soils frequently found around rocky paths, driveways, and roadsides. In our view, reliable should be this plant’s middle name.