Hedera ‘Kolibri Mint’

HED Kolibri Mint 0004
Variegation has a naturally artistic paint splatter appearance

We have started working with a new Blue Ribbon Ivy. ‘Kolibri Mint’ is different because it combines a dark green gloss with a bright white variegation. Usually, variegated Ivy is a paler green with a more matte surface than its solid kin, but this one has the deep, dark, glossy-shiny surface that comes with solid green varieties like ‘Baltic’.

Although the leaves don’t ruffle, they don’t lie flat, either. Rather, they have a mild curl to them so the sprigs exhibit a bumpy quality. ‘Kolibri Mint’ was introduced in 1986 in Denmark, but it tends to fly under the radar these days.

HED Kolibri Mint 0003
Leaves don’t ruffle but they don’t lie flat, either

As you might expect, the variegation fluctuates resulting in a kind of paint splatter appearance. Leaves emerge with a golden tint and then brighten to almost pure white as they age, so the effect is quite artistic in nature. If you use Ivy as an accent in your containers or plantings, this is a good choice. It’s mildly hardy in our area (zone 6).