MEL Million Gold
Note the intricate eye on top of the delicate flower of ‘Million Gold’

Melampodium ‘Million Gold’ is its formal name, which refers to these rich, buttery yellow Blue Ribbon flowers in the classic daisy shape. They’re tiny, but when we take a close up view we can see that their button centers are actually quite intricate. ‘Million Gold’ is part of the Aster family, so it provides nectar throughout the summer and fall.

MEL Million Gold 02
Attracts pollinators to the porch or deck on Earth Day and every day

Placed in a container, the Melampodium makes a good porch or deck pollinator plant. It has a low, mounded habit that fits nicely in small to mid-sized crockery. Normally we use this variety as a low bedding plant, but it can also work in a more intimate setting.

‘Million Gold’ is a sun worshipper, though it does do well in partial shade. Plants can handle tough summer conditions but you’ll get the best color display with regular watering—just be careful not to overwater.