Angelonia ‘Archangel Cherry Red’

ANG Archangel Cherry Red 01
Angelonia ‘Archangel Cherry Red’—the first red in its category

For our fellow Blue Ribbon Angelonia admirers we recommend ‘Archangel Cherry Red’. This is an unusual color for the genus that normally consists of dark purples, bright pinks, and pure white. It’s actually the first red in this category.

ANG Archangel Cherry Red 02
Combine ‘Cherry Red’ with ‘Archangel White’ and ‘Blue Bicolor’ for a patriotic display

Stately Angelonia is that rare combination of toughness and good looks. We turn to it again and again to breeze through the sun and high temps of summer in Cincinnati with minimal maintenance. Plants in the Archangel series have the largest blooms for a summer snapdragon—they’re three times the size of other varieties.

‘Archangel Cherry Red’ is one of our favorites for mixed containers. With summer holidays coming up we suggest combining this vibrant red with ‘Archangel White’ and ‘Blue Bicolor’ for a great patriotic display.