FN 1.01 TOM Mountain Merit
‘Mountain Merit’ is bred to supply classic vine-ripened tomatoes

Homegrown Tomato fans: we have a new Blue Ribbon variety for you to try. If you like ‘Celebrity’ then our newest hybrid Tomato will be right up your alley. ‘Mountain Merit’ keeps the best traits of that popular variety while taking things up a notch, particularly in the area of disease resistance.

FN 1.02 TOM Mountain Merit
A typical fruit weighs about 8 ounces—a large salad or a small beefsteak

It actually offers multiple resistances to some of the most common diseases that plague homegrown Tomatoes. Among these are Fusarium 123; Verticillum; TSWV, and Late Blight. For this and its all-around Tomato goodness ‘Mountain Merit’ won the AAS Award in 2014.

FN 1.03 TOM Mountain Merit
‘Mountain Merit’ has a slightly thicker skin for a clean appearance

We get medium to large fruits from this variety weighing 8–10 ounces each. ‘Mountain Merit’ Tomatoes are beefsteaks measuring around 3 to 3-1/2 inches. They are deep red inside and out with firm flesh and—because the plant wards off all those diseases—smooth, crack-resistant skin.

FN 1.04 TOM Mountain Merit
A typical plant produces about 40–50 Tomatoes

These are great multi-purpose slicing Tomatoes. We like them for mouth-watering sandwiches and burger toppings. They have a mild, true Tomato tang and a firm texture that holds up strong between slabs of our best artisan loaf.

FN 1.05 TOM Mountain Merit
Slices are firm for sandwiches—without that mealy mouthfeel

‘Mountain Merit’ plants are determinate and remain healthy throughout the season. They are compact and uniform, growing 4–5 feet high and yielding an abundance of tasty Tomatoes over a 4–5 week harvest window.

FN 1.06 TOM Mountain Merit
Heavy amounts of Tomato meat and light on the seeds