Blue Ribbon SolarTower™ is the first self-climbing Ipomoea. Note the name—Tower—because it gets confused with SolarPower. Tower is the climbing one. It keeps growing straight up, reaching for the stars—or something to grab onto so it can keep climbing. This is a great opportunity to get creative with vertical wall plantings and topiaries.

Notice the large, luxurious leaves—they come in dark dramatic Black or vivid chartreuse Lime. We like using both together because the contrast is so striking. Plants reach 4–6 feet with a spread of 3–4 feet, for lush tall spires to mark an entryway or cover an arching trellis.

We quickly feel a sense of accomplishment with this sweet potato vine because it’s such a fast grower. SolarTower climbs up barbecues, pergolas, or mailboxes while we just sit back and enjoy the show all summer. These are vigorous Ipomoea plants, growing 4–8 feet a season, so we recommend them for large areas or designs with high coverage needs.