FN 1.11 NIE Purple Robe
‘Purple Robe’ adds loads of charm to intimate settings

If you’re looking for a living plant as a mulch alternative for the summer we have a colorful dwarf Blue Ribbon groundcover to consider. ‘Purple Robe’ is a long-blooming, shrubby perennial that grows in a dense, spreading mound. It’s covered with deep violet-blue cup-shaped flowers.

FN 1.18 NIE Purple Robe
Nierembergia is also good as groundcover—the ferny leaves grow thick

Fern-like foliage gives this variety an airy appearance—tuck it in and around other specimens to add texture to the garden. Plants are neat and compact, growing to about 6 inches tall and spreading to around 12 inches wide. ‘Purple Robe’ works in tandem with other bedding plants by filling its own space and not taking over the design.

FN 1.10 NIE Purple Robe
Tuck this plant into small nooks and crannies

Those pretty little blue cups keep coming all summer long without fading. Take advantage of the show by planting ‘Purple Robe’ in full sun—en masse in garden beds or cascading over rocks and walls. Use it as you would Alyssum or Lobularia, only for the hot summer months. Rather than a thick blanket of color, think of it as a lacy crocheted afghan.

FN 1.08 NIE Purple Robe
Cupflower’s appeal lies in its elegant habit

‘Purple Robe’ has the same charming effect in smaller containers and baskets. It’s elegant as filler that shares tight quarters respectfully. We think it looks cute in a teapot on a table, though it’s kind of ironic—a teapot full of cupflowers.

FN 1.16 NIE Purple Robe
Light and soil determine whether you get red-blue, blue-red, or in-between

This selection is easy to grow in well-drained soil. It’s drought tolerant but appreciates regular water. You can plant it in part shade but if you want to cash in on the flowers go with full sun.