FN 1.02 HAM Lime Sizzler
Beautiful foliage sets ‘Lime Sizzler’ apart from the typical medium green

We have a new Blue Ribbon Firebush for you and when we say new, we mean new—Hamelia ‘Lime Sizzler’ was discovered in 2014 in Florida. Beautiful variegated foliage sets it apart from the typical medium green. If you’re familiar with Lantanas you already know how to use this plant.

FN 1.05 HAM Lime Sizzler
This firebush is new to the playing field

Down in Florida, ‘Lime Sizzler’ grows as a bush but here in Cincinnati we use it as an annual. It grows a few inches taller than Lantana for us and exhibits similar cultural virtues as Lantana: pest and drought tolerance; beautiful colors in high summer; and great performance in poor soil. Yet the look is very different.

FN 1.09 HAM Lime Sizzler
These funky flowers are full of nectar

Brilliant red-orange tubular flowers are rich with nectar, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden all summer long. Each golden yellow leaf is a separate work of art, splashed with a unique pattern of vivid chartreuse with some darker green in the middle. They form a collective glow that lightens the garden and offers an interesting alternative for the season.

FN 1.06 HAM Lime Sizzler
Plant in full sun for the best color show

For the best color plant this shrub in full sun—that way you’ll get the most flowers, too. It’s a good size for a focal point and can be used as an outside-the-box hedge as well. ‘Lime Sizzler’ can be grown in partial shade too, but the colors will be a bit tamer.

FN 1.04 HAM Lime Sizzler
‘Lime Sizzler’ as a single specimen—it mounds out with no pruning or shaping

Note that the foliage keeps its great two-tone pattern for the season, and then adds red to the tips with blooms that reach over and above the foliage itself. You can make ‘Lime Sizzler’ a conversation starter by placing it as a centerpiece—the plant creates a neat dome-like shape all on its own. This Firebush is also loose enough to spread out as a canvas where you can intermix it with other exotics or interesting vertical choices.

FN 1.01 HAM Lime Sizzler
Mix it up with other exotic choices

'Lime Sizzler' is an interesting choice for patio pots as well. It draws the visiting pollinators up close where we can enjoy them, and the plant has a lot of interesting details to entertain guests for a long time. This bright eye-catcher also creates balance when used in between plants with darker foliage.

FN 1.03 HAM Lime Sizzler
Flowers extend beyond the foliage where they’re easily visible from a distance