FN3.1 NEM Bluebird
Lots of blooms to complement other plants and attract pollinators

Blue Ribbon ‘Bluebird’ is a cute little plant with lots and lots of sweet-smelling blue-purple flowers. Blooms have a kind of snapdragon look to them with two lips and a yellow eye. Give it a trim midsummer and the flowers will keep on coming.

We also like the pretty lance-shaped leaves—they keep their fresh green color all summer. This is a great plant for filling in sunny beds, hanging baskets and window boxes. Pairing it with gray or silver foliage makes the rich lavender of the blooms more intense, but ‘Bluebird’ complements a number of other plants and flowers as well.

This variety rarely grows taller than 12 inches so it’s also good in containers—it stays nice and neat. Pollinators love the gentle fragrance.