FN 2.01 Dusty Miller Cirrus
Broad silver-white leaves on a smaller plant

If you like Senecio ‘Angel Wings’ but want a similar look in a smaller version, ‘Cirrus’ is the answer. This Blue Ribbon Dusty Miller is from the same family with broad, silver-white leaves on a compact plant—it only grows about 8 inches tall. For a solid gray border this is a good way to go.

FN 2.02 Dusty Miller Cirrus
‘Cirrus’—for a bold alternative to the delicate ‘Silverdust’

Usually ‘Silverdust’ comes to mind at the mention of Dusty Miller but ‘Cirrus’ is a bolder alternative to that delicate, finely cut foliage. Its velvety, silvery appearance contrasts easily with almost every other plant. This variety is great as an accent or for filling out beds and containers.

‘Cirrus’ is also known for its strong resistance to rain and frost so we even use it as groundcover. That frosty, fuzzy foliage looks stunning planted en masse. Trim plants occasionally to keep them looking neat and tidy.