FN2.4 CUP Vermillionaire
Unique tubular blooms are popular with hummingbirds and butterflies

Blue Ribbon ‘Vermillionaire’ has been around for a while—it’s a great hummingbird attractor. If you give this plant full sun you’ll get brilliant orange flowers all summer long, even through the heat. Notice the unusual tubular shape of the blooms.

Though they are small, the flowers make up for their size with the abundance of blooms that appear on the plant at any given time. Full sun also brings out red and yellow highlights in the orange. It’s striking planted en masse in the garden.

FN2.1 CUP Vermillionaire
What these flowers lack in size they make up for in quantity

We also like to use Firecracker plant in window boxes and containers because it plays so nicely with others. This selection reaches 18–28 inches tall but it grows upright so it doesn’t overpower a combination.