FN 2.1 COL Beauty of Lyon
‘Beauty of Lyon’ has an unusual sherbet orange stripe down the center of the leaf

Our newest Blue Ribbon Coleus selection has a variegated leaf of red, purple, and orange with a yellow-green edge. ‘Beauty of Lyon’ serves as a unique specimen when the plant is grown on its own, and pairs nicely with ‘MiniFamous Orange’ Calibrachoa in a combo. It also complements other multicolored Coleus varieties.

‘Beauty of Lyon’ works in full sun to shade—we actually find that the red centers and yellow edges of the leaves intensify in the sun. These plants are big and brawny, so they can be seen from a distance before visitors get up close to the garden bed. They tolerate the heat as long as they get plenty of water.

FN 2.2 COL Beauty of Lyon
Variegated foliage adds interest in every direction

Brilliant sun Coleus gives the illusion of wearing 3D glasses: it fills the space above the garden by adding interest in every direction. This is because the entire plant carries the day, with both stems and leaves as conduits of color. We find that a Coleus garden is easy to build and provides a large payoff for very little effort.