FN 3.01 ANG Serena Lavender
Lavender flower spikes send the color straight up

A lush, soft amethyst glow lights up the garden when we plant our newest Blue Ribbon Angelonia en masse. ‘Serena Lavender’ provides lots of showy flower spikes to keep the bees and butterflies coming back all summer. This is the upright style of Angelonia flower so the color shoots straight up like a Roman candle.

Summer snapdragons love the heat, making them favorites for garden beds and sunny patio pots here in Cincinnati. Plants in the Serena series are low maintenance and a nice size for the front of the border or mixed containers, coming in around 10 to 12 inches high. They tolerate drought as well.

‘Serena Lavender’ is great for cutting, too. These beautiful blooms look dramatic in a vase. They provide vivid vertical interest for a summertime arrangement.