Two New Osteos

OST 4D Lemon Ice 01
Osteospermum ‘4D Lemon Ice’

‘Blue Ribbon 4D Lemon Ice’ has double blooms, an unusual trait in Osteos. It’s a pretty white and yellow bicolor that gives us lots of flowers, and it possesses another unique quality. Unlike most other Osteo varieties that close at night, ‘4D’ is open 24/7 for color first thing in the morning.

OST Ostica Glamour
‘Ostica Glamour’—big blooms in classic pure yellow

When we want the classic Osteo look yellow is the go-to color, and ‘Voltage’ has been our standard bearer for a pure yellow. Its extra height and roundness adds greater impact in baskets and containers. Still, we’re always on the hunt for the best traits in a yellow.

Our new pure yellow is ‘Ostica Glamour’. It was a favorite in plant trials at Penn State—we hope you like it, too. Maybe ‘Voltage has some competition…time will tell who will be crowned King of the Osteos.