‘SunPatiens Compact Pink Candy’

IM SunPatiens Compact Pink Candy 04
‘SunPatiens Compact Pink Candy’

We’ve added a new bicolor to our Blue Ribbon SunPatiens collection this year—‘Compact Pink Candy’. It’s nice to see the SunPatiens expand their color range and patterns, since we’ve come to rely on it for our summer designs. This is our go-to when we need the Impatiens look for sun or shade in any kind of weather.

IM SunPatiens Compact Pink Candy 05
Flower power keeps us coming back to SunPatiens

Compact SunPatiens pair well with most other flowering annuals for sun. Their large, festive flowers are eye-catching in combination planters and hanging baskets. Ornamental grasses make particularly stunning backdrops for the brilliant blooms.

IMP SunPaitens Compact Lilac
‘SunPatiens Compact Lilac’

Flower power is another reason we come back to SunPatiens. These unique varieties keep the blooms coming right up until a hard frost. For a similar bicolor effect that’s more understated we recommend ‘Compact Lilac’.