Planting Peppers in Patio Pots

Peppers in Containers 01
Container Peppers for deck gardens to snack on all summer

Peppers are some of the easiest vegetables to grow in patio pots. There’s no need to look for special dwarf Peppers, although some of the more compact varieties work better in the tighter space of a container. As with Tomatoes, breeders have been working toward developing Pepper cultivars that handle restricted root growth better.

Two of our new Blue Ribbon Peppers, ‘Costa Rican Sweet’ and Lunchbox Sweet Mix, work quite well in patio pots, as does another of our sweet Peppers, ‘Baby Belle’. They look ornamental, with small, nicely shaped fruits in bright colors, and they produce an abundance of Peppers for snacking right there on the patio.

Of course, many hot Peppers work in pots, too, such as ‘Basket of Fire’ and ‘Pequin’. They look terrific—but you might not want to pluck one off the vine and pop it straight into your mouth. Or maybe you do…

Peppers in Containers 04
Many edibles are ornamental and vice versa—Peppers blur the line