Collards ‘Flash’

Collards Flash 01
Smooth, broad leaves of Collards ‘Flash’

Our Blue Ribbon Collards ‘Flash’ is a little different as greens go. Some folks call this a Georgia-type Collard. It’s a Vates-type hybrid with very broad, paddle-shaped leaves held up by a strong central stem, similar to that of broccoli or cabbage. Plants reach about two feet in height.

Smooth leaves have a wide surface, which adds up to more flavor for Southern soups and stews—and a great addition to a Portuguese soup called clad verde, one of our favorites. We’re experimenting with ‘Flash’ as an Ornamental but for now we’re offering it as a vegetable.

Collards Flash 02
Take leaves from the bottom toward the top to extend the harvest season

This cultivar is noted for the time it takes to bolt, leaving the plant for longer and more dependable harvests; it also re-grows rapidly. Take leaves from the bottom towards the top to extend the harvest season. You can also pick the leaves as baby greens for a tender alternative to baby kale in a salad—‘Flash’ has a milder, sweeter flavor.