Angelonia ‘AngelMist Berry Sparkler’

ANG AngelMist Berry Sparkler 01
‘AngelMist Spreading Berry Sparkler’—a rare striped Angelonia

We have a longtime fondness for Angelonia, so you can imagine our excitement when we discovered a striped variety! This pattern is unique and the color combo is unusual. Stripes just aren’t seen in Angelonias.

ANG AngelMist Berry Sparkler 02
Unique bicolor blooms angling for attention

‘Blue Ribbon Berry Sparkler’ is a spreading variety from the AngelMist series. Stalks on AngelMist Angelonia lean about 45 degrees into the garden, so the blooms crisscross each other to form a horizontal band of color over the foliage. ‘Berry Sparkler’ joins our other AngelMist Spreading varieties: Dark Purple, Pink, and White.

ANG AngelMist Berry Sparkler 03
Crisscrossed blooms create a horizontal band of color

A certain percentage of the flowers revert back to a blue. This is pretty in and of itself, and we consider it an advantage. We like the small splashes of light blue streaking through our plantings.