Begonia rex ‘Jurassic Red Splash’

FN 3.2 BEG Jurassic Red Splash 0002 copy
Bold Jurassic patterns bring vibrant color and texture to deep shade

We’ve added ‘Red Splash’ to our Jurassic series of Blue Ribbon rex Begonias. These plants are all about the foliage—large leaves have bold color patterns with unusual veining and puckering to make them truly unique. Our newest variety fits right in with the prehistoric motif.

Each deep red leaf has a wide silver-green band spotted with red that’s located close to the edge. Like all the plants in the Jurassic series ‘Red Splash’ was bred to be vigorous and continues to mound as it grows.

FN 3.1 HL 3.3 BEG Jurassic Red Splash 0001 copy
Wide silver-green bands are spotted with red

This is another eye-catching selection to keep in mind for bringing low-maintenance texture and vibrant color to areas of deep shade.