Pricing & Delivery

Minimums for Off-Site Delivery of Orders

  • Holiday: $500.00
  • Spring: $1000.00

Delivery charge of $35.00 applies to all local deliveries. There are no order minimums if you pick up the order from our greenhouse.


Order Forms are pre-priced with retail pricing for your convenience. Your profit, depending on the season, is up to 50% of the retail pricing.

Holiday Profit 50%
Spring Profit 45%

Plants are sold in full trays as marked on the order form. We cannot ship partial trays or mixed trays of material.


We pre-schedule all of our deliveries in order to assure timelines and the best service possible. We book up very quickly each season, so to guarantee your delivery date be sure to reserve it early.

Please arrange a delivery date and location with some flexibility. While we do our best to meet specific time frames, we are not always able to guarantee what time our truck will arrive due to weather, traffic, and other unforeseen conditions. Poinsettias are tender to the cold and require a heated indoor location. If temperatures drop below 35° at the time of delivery, the delivery may need to be rescheduled. Please keep an alternative delivery date in mind.

Prepare your area for sorting the material to be delivered or picked up. We suggest laying out material in the same order as listed on the order form, then pulling the individual orders from those sections.

Please have helpers available to assist in unloading. Upon arrival, our driver will remove carts from the truck. Once the carts have been removed from the truck, he will check in material with the point person on site prior to any material being removed from the carts. It is much easier to count with material on carts than in batches on the ground. Claims for defective plant material and shortages must be made upon receipt of plants. We will reconcile any errors on our part at our earliest opportunity.


An invoice will accompany delivery. Payment is to be made from this invoice. All approved accounts are payable within 30 days of invoice, otherwise payment is due upon delivery.