FN 2.1 Princettia® Pink Homepage
‘Princettia® Light Pink’

Our unique Blue Ribbon Princettias® are Poinsettia hybrids in vibrant shades of pink. We’ve been happy with their performance so we’re bringing them back again this year. If you’re looking for a brilliant pink Poinsettia, this is the one to choose—it’s safe to say you will not find a hi-def pink like this anywhere else.

FN 2.2 Princettia® White 0001
‘Princettia® White’

Princettias® have also attained a clean white when most other whites have a creamy yellow cast. This true white bract is the base upon which the breeders built their vivid range of pinks. As opposed to some spotted and flecked art style Poinsettias—like ‘Premium Picasso’, for example—Princettias® distribute their pink color throughout the bracts evenly and smoothly.

We like to use pretty Princettias® to create lush, dense tabletop and desktop displays. They’re compact and bushy so they easily fill a space, and they stay at an unobtrusive height, around 6–12 inches tall.