Holiday Greens 01
Wreaths from freshly cut Central Ohio firs

Sprucing up for the holidays is a time-honored custom—and festive color is a must both indoors and out. As you plan your décor, remember that in addition to our beautiful Blue Ribbon Poinsettias we offer a line of fragrant holiday greens, freshly cut from local firs in Central Ohio.

Our beautiful Blue Ribbon wreaths are handmade in Ohio. Each consists of a full, bushy mix of aromatic greens trimmed with seasonal embellishments.

For draping fences, railings, and lampposts our white pine roping is thick and lush.

Greens, Pine Roping angled   Copy
Fresh, fragrant evergreens fill the air with anticipation

When it comes to holiday décor it’s hard to go wrong with classic evergreens. Tradition matters, and friends and family appreciate the crisp nostalgic scent as much as they do the display itself. Whether you need a small shot of color or a grand arrangement with all the bells and whistles, you can count on our material to be very fresh and very fragrant—for holiday displays that look their best all the way into January.