Angel Frost MG 0897
Angel Frost revs up the sparkle

For extra sparkle this year we have our Blue Ribbon Angel Frost Arrangement. Classic red Poinsettias are the heavy hitters here, enhanced by sparkling silvered foliage components. It’s a simple combination that’s strikingly festive—the glistening silver makes the brilliant red pop.

Now, Angel Frost is an extra large arrangement—the largest one that we make. We designed it as a floor display to generously fill an open space area. It rises about waste high, or roughly 32–36 inches tall.

Angel Frost Point Display lg
Green is under there somewhere

Underneath those twinkling accents you’ll find a broad canopy of color that drapes right over the edges. We can hardly see the green on this one—it’s all red and silver. As a focal point in an open entryway or empty corner of the living room our lush Angel Frost arrangement makes a bold statement, and that statement is: the holidays are here!