‘Sparkling Punch’ Poinsettia

‘Sparkling Punch’

For National Poinsettia Day (December 12th) or the more well known December holidays we have a full line of these beautiful tropical plants. In addition to our exclusive Hearthside planter, Blue Ribbon Poinsettias come in a spectrum of colors and range of sizes to build out all of your holiday displays.

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Pretty pink bracts have a bold blaze of white down the center

Our art-style varieties in particular are all about the show. ‘Sparkling Punch’ is an eye-catching selection—pretty pink bracts have a bold blaze of white down the center. Though the bracts are small there are a lot of them for a nice full look. We like the way they pop against the dark green foliage.

This variety is a pink version of the cranberry ‘Ice Punch’ and the two work well together—they’re similar in size and growth habit. As they mature the bracts show even more contrast with the white centers.