FN1.6 PPL snowmen mantle 2

Poinsettias with variegation in the bracts are known as novelty varieties but we prefer to think of them as Art-Style selections—they’re popular with designers who are cutting edge. Each of these plants is unique and makes a strong statement on its own or when used in a combination display. Here are some of the Blue Ribbon Art-Style Poinsettias we have this year:

FN 3.2 32559 70019396 SonoraGlitterEarlyWhite L

‘Sonora White Glitter’—showy red bracts have white spots and splashes for a festive red, white, and green appearance as the bracts mix with the leaves

Poinsettia Jingle Bell Rocks Close 4 copy

‘Jingle Bell Rock’—classic red bracts have a blaze of white along the middle with some flecks of white in the red for a distinctive, dramatic look

FN1.10 ASP prem ice crystal 3

‘Premium Ice Crystal’—traditional red Poinsettias seem to have been dusted with Christmas snow; the variegation is even and uniform, unlike many other Poinsettia cultivars

FN1.4 ASP ice punch close 3

‘Ice Punch’— a reversal of the typical marbling color scheme: striking rosy red bracts with feathery white centers look dramatic against dark green leaves

FN1.11 ASP picasso

‘Premium Picasso’—technically a white Poinsettia with red flecking; very sophisticated presentation, with the higher leaves having more color than the lower ones

We find that grouping various sizes of one single variety makes for a striking display. Placing the Poinsettias in planters of different heights is another way of achieving this effect, as is setting some of the plants on small tables or pedestals—or even a rustic overturned bucket. Did you know that using an odd number of Poinsettias makes a design more visually appealing?

FN1.1 ASP fireplace

In addition to the standard red and white varieties, consider trying some of our eye-catching Blue Ribbon alternatives this season—your décor will stand out from the crowd. Art-Style Poinsettias also make great gifts!