Millet ‘Copper Prince’

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Rich copper foxtails add vertical interest

‘Blue Ribbon Copper Prince’ is a new selection we’ve added to our millet lineup this year. Millet’s bold flower spikes are great for adding form and texture to full sun areas that are in need of vertical interest. This variety starts out a light caramel color, deepening to a rich copper tone as it sends up rosy, foxtail-like blooms.

We like the wide blades here—they form a dense mound as a launchpad for the dramatic bottlebrush flowers. Both the height and spread are similar to ‘Jade Princess’, with plants reaching about 2–3 feet tall. Though ‘Copper Prince’ is drought tolerant, we find that with regular water and some fertilizer it gets even more lush and bushy.

Millet’s lofty foliage makes a statement when planted en masse or when used in large containers. Pairing ‘Copper Prince’ with golden yellow and red-orange blooms bolsters the rustic look and helps transition color from late summer into fall. Try mixing it with ‘Taishan Gold’ marigolds and ‘Autumn Colors’ or ‘Indian Summer’ rudbeckia.