Wandering Jew

WJ 01
Striped leaves have velvety purple undersides

You can see why Blue Ribbon Wandering Jew is a popular classic: dark green leaves are striped with silver-white and purple, while the undersides are velvety purple. The plant’s trailing habit means colorful vines flow away from the base, making it a natural choice for hanging baskets. We see ‘Fuzzy Purple’ dangling above a Cracker Barrel rocking chair on many a front porch—and it always stirs up a wave of nostalgia.

Wandering Jew can withstand a bit of cold weather—the leaves actually sport more fuzz in the cooler temperatures. Keep it well watered while it’s nippy outdoors to help the soil retain heat and insulate the plant.

WJ 02
This plant can wander indoors or out

Another option is to bring this variety inside. Hang it in a window with bright, indirect light to keep the colors looking snappy.