Mixed Christmas Greens

FN 1.4 DSC 0393
Beautiful evergreen arrangements

If you’re looking for an alternative to poinsettias for holiday décor, we recommend our Blue Ribbon evergreen arrangements—they take a display in a different direction with the added dimension of fragrance. These are worth coming in and experiencing in person so you can get a whiff of that clean, crisp winter woodland scent.

FN 1.6 DSC 0383
A full, bushy mix of greens

We use a full, bushy mix of greens in our designs, freshly cut from local firs in Central Ohio; notice the assorted shapes and textures of the needles. Mixing types like this results in a range of green shades, from dark to bright, with a touch of blue-gray to keep things interesting.

FN 1.10 DSC 0365
We add a touch of bling

To dress our mixed greens for the holidays we add a few shiny, glittery orbs—some small, some large—in red or gold. For height there’s a shock of juncus grass painted gold or silver. Our aim is to let the greenery shine so we try to add just the right amount of sparkle. You’ll find that like our Hearthside planter, each evergreen arrangement has its own personality.

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Medium and large sizes are available

This piece comes in two sizes: medium and large. Medium is around 16 inches tall and 14 inches wide; we use it as a table centerpiece or to decorate large desktops. Large is similar to our Hearthside planter at about 36 inches tall and 24 inches wide. It’s suitable for use as a focal point in a sizable open space—perhaps in a foyer or great room. Unlike our poinsettia planters it can also be used on an outdoor porch.

FN 1.11 DSC 0374
Freshly cut from Ohio firs

Fresh, fragrant greens take center stage this time of year and also make great gifts. Ours are as fresh as it gets; all branches are newly cut at the time each arrangement is made, so festive displays will easily last until Christmas and well into the New Year.