Hearthside Tradition

FN 1.6 Hearthside Planter Cinnamon
Each Hearthside has a unique personality

For a truly unique spin on Christmas décor we recommend our distinctive Blue Ribbon Hearthside combo planter. The Hearthside has become a tradition here over the years—it’s a Blue Ribbon exclusive. Each one is a unique design, full of personality—just like the designers themselves.

FN 1.4 Hearthside Planter White (Cream)
We get creative with our Christmas combos

If you’re new to the Hearthside combo, it comes in a rectangular planter—long and thin. We set several of our vibrant Blue Ribbon poinsettias down the center, then get creative with assorted foliage plants in complementary shades of silver and green. We even get a little avant-garde and spray juncus grass silver for vertical interest.

FN 1.3 Hearthside with Glitter in Action 2
An elegant focal point for the holiday hearth

Each Hearthside is designed high and showy with individual components chosen to add elegance and style to the display. Use one wherever you need a stately focal point: by the hearth, at the end of a hallway, or to brighten a neglected corner. Rest assured—this arrangement is large enough to fill a huge space without getting lost.

Hearthside combos come in any color of poinsettia we sell but classic red remains the most popular—the green and silver accents make it pop. Keep in mind that our white and art-style poinsettias make for stunning combinations as well.