FN 3.3 Linaria Enchantment Bloom 1535
Linaria ‘Enchantment’

When you need a nice cool weather accompaniment for Pansies, go with Blue Ribbon Linaria ‘Enchantment’ for lots and lots of fragrant flowers. This variety also exhibits more heat tolerance than other toadflax selections; blooms start early and keep on coming, continuously, all through the summer. A nice long season of color—now, that makes a plant valuable in our book.

FN 3.5 Linaria Enchantment pansies1
Yellow Pansies pick up the tiny yellow bees

Take a closer look at these unique blossoms—they remind us of mini Snapdragons. Yellow Pansies would be the obvious choice to mix with them, picking up the tiny yellow bees that dot the magenta, but pink and purple shades work, too. ‘Enchantment’ also pairs nicely with another fragrant early bloomer: ‘Easter Bonnet White’ Alyssum.

In addition to mixed containers, we use this variety in sunny garden beds. It’s a great companion to lavender flowering plants. Butterflies and hummingbirds love the perfumed blooms.

FN 3.2 Linaria Enchantment Container 5242
Butterflies and hummingbirds find the blooms enchanting