Fn 2.3 DIA Jolt Pink 0001
Vibrant blooms of  ‘Jolt™ Pink’

Here are some frilly, hot pink flowers fresh off the front of a Valentine’s Day card. Notice how each has a scarlet ring around the center—very showy. Blue Ribbon ‘Jolt™ Pink’ is another vibrant selection from the Jolt™ series, which has become a fast favorite for its eye-catching color.

FN 2.2 DIA Jolt Pink 0002
Each frilly flower has a scarlet ring around the center

Jolt™ is the most heat-tolerant Dianthus on the market, plus it stands up to cold, rain, and wind while remaining neat and tidy. Plants keep cranking out uniform, eye-popping blooms right up until frost for a long lasting, low maintenance display—our favorite kind. We mass these together for the greatest impact, and use them in containers for bold accents.

‘Jolt™ Pink’ is a 2015 All-America Selections national winner, with the following reaction from the judges: “Best of the trials! We wish all dianthus performed this well.”

FN 2.1 DIA Jolt Pink 0004
Mass them together for a bold display of color