FN 1.1 PAN Wonderfall Rose Shades w face 0003
‘WonderFall™ Rose Shades with Face’

One of our favorites for early spring is the Blue Ribbon WonderFall™ series. This prolific trailing Pansy revs up the cool weather color to get the season started.

FN 1.3 PAN Wonderfall Purple with Face 0001
‘WonderFall™ Purple with Face’

If we had to describe the WonderFall™ series in one word it would be vigorous. These plants spread up to three times more than traditional Pansies and are simply blanketed with big, brilliant blooms. That means we get the same color coverage in a garden bed with one-third the amount of plants—a great value.

FN 1.4 PAN Wonderfall Lavender Picotee Shades 0001
‘WonderFall™ Lavender Picotee Shades’

Naturally, that spreading, trailing nature lends itself to hanging baskets. These Pansies fill in quickly—literally overflowing—for a brilliant display of color. Vivid WonderFall™ Pansies are eye-catching and have a nice long bloom time with continuous flowering.

FN 1.2 PAN Wonderfall Rose Shades w face 0002
Vigorous ‘Rose Shades with Face’

Our varieties from the wide WonderFall™ color range include: ‘Blue Blotch’, ‘Blue Picotee Shades’, ‘Lavender Picotee Shades’, ‘Purple with Face’, and ‘Rose Shades with Face’.

FN 1.5 Pansy Wonderfall Lavender Picotee Shades Bloom 14128 Ball
‘Lavender Picotee Shades’ up close

All are great in hanging baskets for quick splashes of color on porches, entryways, or on shepherds’ hooks along a walkway. Any one of these selections puts on a show all by itself, but we also group them together to make an even greater impact.