Celosia ‘Intenz’

FN 2.3 CEL Intenz 0001
Purple-magenta flower spikes add a jolt of vibrant color

These bold purple-magenta flower spikes add a jolt of vibrant color wherever they’re planted. A steady stream of showy blooms keeps coming throughout the fall, so ‘Blue Ribbon Intenz’ looks fresh continually, right up until frost.

 We have to admit we’re fans of these feathery flowers—they’re great for bumping up the texture when we need a filler for a combo. Try mixing ‘Intenz’ with its counterpart, ‘Twisted Orange’ celosia and ‘SolarPower Lime’ ipomoea, or pair it with ‘Silverdust’ dusty miller if you want to cool down the intensity.

FN 2.1 CEL Intenz National Gardening Assn b0d74d
Feathery flowers bump up the texture

Actually, this eye-popping color works with many of our autumn ornamentals, including cabbage, kale, and peppers, as well as bright asters and mums. We think you’ll agree that traditional orange pumpkins may have found a new favorite sidekick.