Celosia ‘Twisted Orange’

FN 2.2 CEL Twisted Orange 0001
Funky and fuzzy—ruffled ‘Twisted Orange’

Here’s a celosia that makes a great partner for ‘Blue Ribbon Intenz’—the bright orange and magenta make a hot combo. On that note, these are two heat lovers that deliver color right on into autumn, in shades that work for two seasons of décor. Texture alone is reason enough to use them—they’re funky and fuzzy so everyone wants to touch them.

Ruffled ‘Twisted Orange’ is an example of a crested type celosia, an intriguing complement to the feathery, plume-style flowers of ‘Intenz’. Both bold colors stay vibrant in containers for full sun and look best with regular watering. Add some ‘SolarPower Lime’ ipomoea and you’re good to go.

FN 2.1 Celosia Twisted Orange Ball dispthumb.aspx
Unique blooms fit easily into the mix

These unique blooms actually mix easily with most other colorful sun lovers—butterflies find them attractive, too. Of course, with fall approaching nothing screams Halloween décor quite like an orange brain-shaped flower.