New Guinea Strike Series

FN 1.9 Strike Orchid Bedner's Farm and Greenhouse F799 13 cropped
‘Strike Orchid’ has the strongest variegated foliage of the series

Striking would also be a fitting name for this new Blue Ribbon series that features unique variegation on the foliage. Take a look at these long, lance-shaped leaves—they’re banded dark green and yellow. If you zoom in more closely you’ll even see a slim red vein in the center.

One reason we turn to New Guineas, in addition to their resistance to powdery mildew, is for brilliant color that thrives in shade. Strike delivers from mid spring to early fall, with bright bold flowers atop the mound of showy foliage. While we use it to brighten shade areas, Strike can also be planted in full sun but expect the growth to be more compact. In the shade these plants tend to grow a bit taller.

FN 1.5 Strike plum SweetPotatoesLandisville 029 copy
‘Strike Plum’

New Guineas are low maintenance, too—another reason we like using them. Just be sure to water them, especially during the hottest months of the summer. They’re not fussy about soil and put on an easy, vibrant show all season.

FN 1.4 Strike Orange Lakeshore Garden F799 14
‘Strike Orange’

To get the most from the Strike series—or New Guineas in general—we plant them en masse for a lush carpet of long lasting color. They’re great for edging a walkway or drawing the eye to a statue, gazing ball, or other point of interest in the garden.

That dense color carpet also makes an effective background when used as filler in combos for planters, baskets, and window boxes—especially if you want hummingbirds to be frequent visitors. With the stunning variegation in the leaves we recommend planting the Strike series where passersby can get up close for a good look.

We have three Strike varieties:

  • ‘Strike Orange’—bright orange blooms
  • ‘Strike Orchid’—bold lilac-purple flowers
  • ‘Strike Plum’—blooms of deep crimson-burgundy