‘Peppermint Ruffles’ Poinsettia

FN 1.2 POI Peppermint Ruffles 0003 copy
Lush pink bracts to add to the palette

Around Thanksgiving the novelty Poinsettia crowd is active—the excitement of the holiday season gets the creative juices flowing. Blue Ribbon ‘Peppermint Ruffles’ is another unique variety to add to the design palette. Large ruffled bracts of velvety pink are speckled with deeper pink and set against dark green foliage.

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Warm pink tones glow for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Though the name rings of Christmas the tone of the pink is warm so—like ‘Autumn Leaves’—this variety fits in with Thanksgiving décor. Transitioning from one holiday to the next is a convenience that adds value in our eyes. It saves time and money—two important considerations during the busy holiday season.

Breeders have been working to improve this Poinsettia variety since it first came on the market. Now the peppermint coloring is more distinctive and the speckles are darker than they were in earlier versions. We’ve also noticed that the plant is more vigorous and has a wider, nicely rounded habit as well.

FN 1.1 POI Peppermint Ruffles 0002 copy
Distinctive peppermint coloring adds a lighthearted touch

Festive flair is what sets ‘Peppermint Ruffles’ apart—it’s a pink Poinsettia that gets a holiday party started. As a focal point in an arrangement or encircled by cookies on a dessert table these lush leaves add a lighthearted touch to classic holiday displays.

As we’ve mentioned before, Art-Style Poinsettias are handy in a pinch because they’re so eye-catching they can easily stand alone. This uncommon selection also looks stunning surrounded by classic red varieties, and it gets a nice glow going when used together with ‘Autumn Leaves’.