Poinsettia ‘Cortez™ Burgundy’

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Ruby red bracts

Another selection in our Blue Ribbon holiday line is the stunning ‘Cortez™ Burgundy’, with dark, ruby red bracts that remind us of holiday ribbon. Notice the full, rounded habit and smooth, velvety texture—great for adding a bit of drama to seasonal displays. It has striking dark green foliage, too.

‘Cortez™ Burgundy’ has become a standard novelty variety; with its beautiful burgundy color it always garners a second glance. We grow this poinsettia because it’s a customer favorite, even though it’s a bit of a challenge for us; since it’s sensitive to high temperatures we have to monitor the plants very carefully. There’s also a tendency for it to sport red, although great improvement has been made in this area over the last couple of years.

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‘Cortez™ Burgundy’

Actually, to be honest, we love a challenge and the plants have colored up deep, dark, and dashing. They’re very uniform, so they work well in planters and other festive combinations. To keep these points looking prime make sure they receive maximum light and avoid letting them dry out.