Painted Bracts

FN 3.1 POI Glitter Blue 0003
Add a little glitter

We know there are non-traditionalists out there for whom even our art-style poinsettias are too tame. To satisfy this demand for a bold punch of color we have poinsettias with painted bracts in fun, unexpected Blue Ribbon shades: Blue, Yellow, Purple, Mardi Gras, and Orange.

A bit of floral spray paint helps us achieve these festive, far-out shades. For extra razzle-dazzle we have glittered varieties as well; bracts are brushed with plant-safe glue and lightly dusted with sparkly glitter. It’s a sight to behold when all those plants start to twinkle under the holiday lights—this is a great place to work during the holidays.

Some classic glittered looks we return to again and again are gold glitter on a red poinsettia and red glitter on a white one. Silver glitter is the best for reflecting light, and iridescent gets a lot of oohs and ahhs—it refracts the light into a rainbow of different colors. For a frosted look, go with silver.