Marble Poinsettias

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Marble Mix

In addition to the pretty art-style poinsettias that are flecked red and white we also have beautiful Blue Ribbon marble poinsettias. These also consist of two colors on one bract but the colors are pink and white. Pink flows down the center of each white leaf, creating a softer effect than the flecked varieties—although the look is equally dramatic.

We grow three varieties for some subtle diversity in the flow of the marbling, though we use them interchangeably. ‘Mars’ has a softer presentation, while ‘Marbella’ displays striking contrast between the narrow creamy white margin and the pink blaze down the center of each bract. ‘Christmas Beauty’ is our newest selection with the most saturated marble color of the three.

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Consider going with some art-style selections this year for an alternative display that stands out from the traditional holiday fare. Each of these poinsettias is eye-catching on its own, or when used in a combination. All have smooth, rounded bracts, the sturdy V-shaped frame that we like, and contrasting dark green foliage.